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  • Are you licensed to work in Florida?
    Yes, we hold a General Contractor’s license (Lic. #CRC1333651), and are fully insured.
  • Do you and your subcontractors carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance?
    Yes, all subcontractors we use are also licensed in their respective trade, carry liability insurance, and worker’s compensation where applicable.
  • What services do you offer?
    Gainesville Kitchen & Bath is considered a ‘turn-key’ remodeling company. This means that we’re able to complete all aspects of a standard kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, including providing all materials and labor needed for a given project, and we manage the scheduling for each stage of the project including the installers and trade specialties. The goal is to make a remodeling project as easy and stress free as possible to the customer, by providing everything needed for any remodeling project all in one place. Overall, the customer won’t have to seek out any other companies to perform any aspect of work on their project, unless a customer already has a preferred installer for a part of the project.
  • What is the warranty on your work?
    We offer a 3-year warranty on all products and services provided by Gainesville Kitchen & Bath. All products not supplied by GKB are warrantied for 1 year for labor only on repairs and replacement.
  • Do you have an architect/engineer on staff? If not, whom do you use?
    We do not have an architect on staff, as it’s not necessary for most kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects since there is little to no structural or load-bearing needs on most projects. We use 2020 design software for all our projects, which allows us to create accurate and detailed elevations and floorplans for any given remodeling project.
  • Does your company use its own construction crews?
    Yes, for all aspects of a project that are not specialty-trades, including: Carpentry (rough & finish), Wall & Floor Tile, Laminate & Wood Flooring, Drywall & Painting. We do use separate sub-contractors for all specialty trades, including Plumbing, Electrical, and Counter Tops.
  • Can I, the customer, use my own installers?
    Yes, with the understanding that any installers other than those provided by GKB are solely responsible for all their own work; and GKB cannot be held liable for any work provided by a third-party company (contractor, or installer). In this case, GKB will manage all other aspects of the project, and coordinate directly with the customer’s installer.
  • Can I, the customer, do my own demolition?
    No. We understand that the goal is to “save on cost”, however, more often than not it has been our experience that this opens the door for issues to arise; and overall can set a bad tone for the entire project going forward. There are often many elements involved in demolition that require expertise to perform correctly, such as plumbing, electrical, or structural. When any of these elements are improperly removed or disrupted during demolition, many issues can arise including: Incomplete or incorrect demolition that requires additional or corrective work to be performed to complete or correct the situation. Unexpected damages or challenges during demolition, requiring a professional to correct the situation. Potential Savings? For typical kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects the demolition is a drop in the bucket compared to the overall cost, and any ‘savings’ can quickly be diminished or eliminated by requiring additional work to complete or correct any issues caused or discovered during demolition.
  • What is the time frame for the project? What is your estimated completion date?
    For a typical kitchen or bathroom project, the timeline will vary from 6 to 16 weeks from start to completion – including planning, design, order & deliver of materials, demolition, build, and total completion. Each project is different and requires varying levels of attention depending on the scope of work involved. The time of year the project is taking place will also influence the overall time the project takes from start to finish.
  • Who will walk us through our design and selections?
    A Designer will be assigned to the project and will help with the design by creating a 3D rendering of the proposed floorplan using our 2020 3D design software. The Designer will also help choose all the selections directly from our showroom, or online resources.
  • How long does a typical bathroom renovation take?
    Full bathroom renovations that include changes in plumbing and electrical, along with all new products and finishes, can take anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the bathroom (master-vs-guest bathroom).
  • What are some ways I can increase my storage options in a smaller bathroom?
    Vanity Cabinet Vs Pedestal Sink: opt for a sink base that’s a vanity instead of a pedestal. This will offer more options such as drawers and concealed storage of toiletries. Consider installing a vanity with drawer storage rather than doors. Drawers are easier to access and easier to organize. They can be cut out around the plumbing and can be extra-large to accommodate large items. Wall Cabinets: you can easily gain additional storage by adding a small wall cabinet above the toilet area, or on a blank wall. This type of cabinet is usually 4” to 8” deep, and the shallower cabinets can be recessed into the wall by placing it between the studs.
  • How long does a typical kitchen renovation take?
    Full kitchen renovations that include changes in plumbing and electrical service locations, along with all new appliances, products, and finishes, can take anywhere between 8 to 16 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the kitchen. If the project requires moving walls or chipping concrete floors, then it can take up to 20+ weeks.
  • What’s the average size of tile for the walls, backsplash, flooring?
    Bathroom Walls: 12 x 24, 4x12 Subway Back Splash: 12x12 Mosaics, 3x6/ 3x12/4x12 Subway Tiles Flooring: 12x24, 6x36, 4x48, 6x48
  • What are some things I should consider when renovating a kitchen?
    How many people use the kitchen? Is your kitchen functional, or need some adjustments for better function and flow? How often do you cook or entertain? Will you need space for dining? How can you maximize storage space? Do you need more storage space? How’s the lighting?

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