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10 Great Ways to Make your Bathroom Feel like a Relaxing Retreat

With the influx of people working from home, one thing has become clear; carving out a blissful spot in your home has become crucial for survival. We all need a place to escape from the family hubbub and work calls. For many, taking a relaxing bath has become a serene retreat. Why not enhance your tranquil vision by creating a spa-like atmosphere for your bathroom? Keep reading to get some helpful tips by Diane Conrad with House Beautiful for transforming your bathroom from blah to spa.

Tip #1 Go Subdued with your Hues What colors come to mind when you think of a spa? Typically we think of the soft neutral colors like gray, taupe, or even some soft greens and crisp white. Keeping the color palette simple and neutral for each element of the bathroom will keep the atmosphere calming.

Tip #2 Include an Earthy Element Research has shown being around nature has a soothing psychological effect. Try bringing a little bit of the outdoors in with a houseplant or two and carry the tranquil feeling into your space.

Tip #3 Add a Warm and Welcoming Vibe Bring in some warm woven textures and wood to offset a bathrooms cool, hard surfaces like glass, tile, and metal.

Tip #4 Showcase a Vintage Find Adding in vintage or antique elements can make the environment have a relaxed, lived in feel.

Tip #5 Give Every Object a Home Invest in pieces with plenty of storage space to minimize bathroom clutter and keep countertops stress-free.

Tip #6 Coordinate the Details In an actual spa, all the details are specifically chosen for a peaceful effect; nothing looks jarring or out of place. To achieve the same effect at home, consistency is key. Try to keep the same or similar finishes and hardware throughout the room.

Tip #7 Keep the Space Feeling Light Reflective materials around the room bounce light and make the room seem large and airy; try implementing more glass or adding an extra mirror.

Tip #8 Choose Feel-Good Fabrics Unfortunately we can't all keep our own personal masseuse in our bathroom. To supplement the power of touch from a relaxing massage, accent the space with rich textured fabrics. You can use a ruffled shower curtain or a textured hanging robe on the wall to achieve this effect.

Tip #9 Soften your Approach Set up your space for comfort. Use plush towels, a soft robe, and a cushy bath mat to make sure your space not only looks the part but feels the part.

Tip #10 Add Pampering Amenities Surround yourself with luxury and top off your atmosphere with your favorite calming amenities. Be sure to keep your favorite scented candles, clean smelling soaps, or maybe some herbal teas on hand to create the perfect personal retreat.

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