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9 Outdoor Living Inspirational Photos and Information

Photo from Trex Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

Summertime will be coming up quick, it’s time to get started on the outdoor remodel project you’ve been wanting to do for years. We all learned our lesson from a certain virus that shall not be named, our outdoor spaces need to suit our lifestyle just as much as the interior. “Homeowners see the outdoors as an active extension of their homes, and the possibilities are plenty,” says the National Kitchen and Bath Association research head, Tricia Zach. This year it is time to transform your backyard space and be proud to host all the family barbeques this summer will bring.

Photo from Trex Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have changed dramatically in the last few decades. Traditionally, an outdoor kitchen was a grill with maybe some prep and cooling space; but nowadays outdoor cooking has transformed into including appliances you could only dream of having. “Years ago, the focus was a built-in grilling station that has now morphed into multiple cooking sources such as pizza ovens, teppanyaki-style griddles, multi-burner grills, power burners for tall stock pots and various types of smokers,” says Kimbery Kerl, owner of a South Carolina based custom home design firm.

Photo from Granite Liquidators

It isn’t just cooking equipment that has evolved, appliances and fixtures have begun to reflect and compliment those of their indoor counterparts. For example, outdoor sinks are beginning to have the same multifunctionality that we see in modern interior sinks, including prep space, and purified water dispensers. Refrigerators are being brought outside to keep beverages cool and to prevent the kids from bringing the outside into the house.

Photo from Homebuilding and Renovating

It isn’t just the homeowners getting smarter for bringing appliances outside, the appliances themselves are getting smarter as well. Smart outdoor appliances are increasing in popularity, most notably the smart grill. These grills offer voice activation an apps, you can send a grill a recipe, monitor your food on your phone, and control the temperature of your grill without leaving the pool floaty.

Photo from DecorSnob

A new emphasis on cleanliness has also emerged in the last three years, and materials having antimicrobial capability have become increasingly prevalent. According to Kate Bailey, Ferguson’s Senior Director of Category Management, “Fixtures in living finishes of copper, brass and bronze are in high demand. They are proven to have inherent properties that aid in the destruction of a range of microorganisms.”

Photo from All Terrain Landscaping

Along with the appliances, materials in the outdoor kitchen have also shifted to more than just stone or brick based storage. Things like wood-look PVC cabinets, stainless steel, porcelain, and concrete are growing in popularity. According to Jake Gazlay, Chicago Roof Deck’s Design Studio Director, “The hottest cabinetry trend is ‘custom-built’ pieces clad in a material that is carried throughout the space, such as ipe, porcelain tile, concrete board or stone. Building in a kitchen or piece of cabinetry that shares detailing to the larger project is always impressive.” In addition, low maintenance finishes are more desirable as costly refinishing is no longer the expectation.

Photo from Builder Online

An outdoor living space is not just an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor living has seen changes in popularity as well. “As noted in the NKBA Design Trends, 48 percent of homeowners are looking for integrated entertainment in their outdoor living spaces. The inclusion of televisions, centralized controls for sound systems and lighting, and smart-home technologies are highly desired,” Zach explains. Along with a focus on technology, an outdoor living room also has a focus on comfort. Fireplaces and fire pits are beautiful additions to your outdoor living space as they provide a gathering place for family and friends enjoying some outside air. Retractable screens, ceiling fans, and heaters are important to making the outside living space enjoyable even on days when the weather may pose a problem.

Photo from Yale Appliance

The most important aspect in your outdoor living space is to personalize it for what suits your needs. Here in Florida, we can use our outdoor space all year long so creating an outdoor space to compliment the indoors can really add value to your lifestyle and your home.

Photo from The Spruce

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