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Tips for a Beautiful & Functional Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can be quite the task! Luckily, there are lots of ways to avoid making mistakes your kitchen will come to regret in the future. Here are some tips we believe to be essential to creating a beautiful AND functional kitchen! DON'T OVERLOOK STORAGE! Pantry pullouts and lazy Susans may seem insignificant when you are thinking about an entire kitchen renovation. But in the end, storage solutions like these "will not only increase your kitchen's storage efficiency, but will also save you money as they are much more costly to add on down the road." - REMEMBER THE BIG PICTURE! Whether you are planning a full kitchen remodel, or just changing cabinets and counter tops, remember the big picture. You want to make sure no matter what changes are made, the kitchen always flows. Colors and matching tones, popular styles, and future trends are all important factors to consider. DON'T FORGET YOUR BUDGET! "Creating a budget is an essential part of your remodel" - Jumping into a home renovation blindly is never a good idea. Budgeting should be done first and foremost to avoid mishaps and heartache. When you have a clear guide of how much you can and want to spend, the process can be so much less overwhelming.

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