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How to Create the Perfect Kid’s Bathroom

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

While white, pristine, spa-like bathrooms may sound like the perfect choices for your dream hall bathroom, every family is different. If your family involves kids, you want to provide a beautiful yet realistic bathroom that will be functional for your lifestyle. But how do you design and remodel a bathroom that both increases resale value and has fun and functional child-friendly design elements? Keep reading to find out.

1. Keep it safe

Slip resistant flooring is important to consider when designing a kid’s bathroom to make sure there are no wipe outs after a bath. Non-slip vinyl flooring can be very stylish and safe for these spaces, as well as textured porcelain or tile. Another element to consider is using vessels like sinks and tubs that include overflow drains to prevent your kids from creating an indoor swimming pool. An additional tip from Nathan Taylor of Obelisk Homes is to use smooth hardware, since it provides fewer places for germs to settle.

2. Keep it functional

Make sure there is space for everything to keep things neat. Be sure to consider the height of your children, make sure daily essentials are kept in drawers or cabinets low enough for them to easily reach. Also ensure towel bars and hooks are hung to be accessible to kids. Finding places to store a step stool may be beneficial to your kid’s bathroom as well to keep it out of the way when not in use. Some solutions for this include having a wall mounted vanity where the step stool can slide underneath, fold out toe-kick step stools, and fold out cabinet step stools. If you have multiple children using the same bathroom, there are a few design options that will make your kids life a bit simpler. An article by HGTV states, "Any parent knows that when you have multiple kids sharing one bathroom, chaos ensues—especially when everyone is trying to get ready in the morning and you’re already running late. With two separate vanity stations, this bathroom allows two kids to brush teeth at the same time, cutting down on time spent waiting and fighting during the morning routine." A longer vanity with two sinks can prevent crowding or take it one step further and have the double vanity as well as a separate room for the toilet and shower to prevent endless arguments over who is hogging the bathroom.

3. Make Bathroom Chores and Cleaning Easy

Start with durable and easy to clean materials. For example, tiling the walls of the bathroom make messes much easier to clean up, and choosing tiles that go with dark grout can help hide dirt and grime better. Choosing durable materials for the faucets, such as brushed nickel, can also work to hide messes like water stains and fingerprints. By using these materials and making sure everything in the bathroom has an easy to reach home, you can keep the room looking neat, even if it isn’t.

4. Include a Bathtub

The current trend of stand-up showers has become increasingly possible, so it can be easy to forget that kids require something different. When it comes to a return on investment while a shower it great for resale value, a buyer looking for a family home will be likely to seek a bathtub in a kid’s bathroom as well.

5. Make it fun!

We all want a space that matches our individual style, but an important thing to remember about a kid’s bathroom is that it is for your kids, keep it fun! A great way to make a space feel fun and energetic while staying timeless is to play with bold colors. Use accents that can be easily updated like paint, mirrors, rugs, and vanity pulls.

Looking for ways to make your bathroom a relaxing escape away from the kids? Read this blogpost to find out more.

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