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Clean/Polish & Seal your counter top in "one" wipe!

Looking for a cleaner for your Quartz, Granite or Marble? Look no further!

"There’s no need to be precious about your stone. Whip up a feast—or whatever else you feel like doing on your counter-tops—and leave it to our plant based cleaners to safely restore the natural gleam to your granite, stone and marble in a snap. No harsh chemicals. No nasty residue. Simply buff, polish, clean and shine for streak-free, sparkling surfaces. This scent may make you think we had the morning dew collected from orchard leaves, but we simply captured the delicate essence of apple blossoms, peach nectar + vanilla orchid in a fragrance. It’s a good thing, too, since none of us were keen to get up early for dew-collecting". - Home Depot

We use this exact cleaner in our showroom and recommend it to anyone looking to keep their counter top looking new.

Simply spray, wipe and shine!

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