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LVP- What Is All The Chatter About?

LVP, or luxury vinyl plank, is a waterproof material made to resemble natural wood floors. It comes in a wide variety of plank sizes, colors, and patterns.

LVP is most frequently installed as a floating floor, meaning it is installed on top of the subfloor or existing flooring. Because LVP can be installed on top of existing tile without the need of any demolition, it's a great way to update your space while saving time and money (and dust!). 

You want to be aware of a couple important factors when shopping for LVP. The first is an appropriate wear layer. The wear layer is the protective layer preventing scratches and dents, and ranges mostly from 6-40 MIL. For residential installations we typically recommend a wear layer that is 14 MIL or higher. The second important consideration is the general durability of the planks. If you can easily bend, snap, or warp the plank or the locking mechanism, it won't hold up well during installation and beyond. 

While it is an affordable, durable, and relatively fast home upgrade option, LVP isn't suggested or possible in every setting. Knowing if LVP is the right product for your space can take some expertise. Whether you're tackling the install yourself or planning to sit back and relax while we handle it for you, we're happy to discuss the project in more detail to get you set up for success. As always, there is no commitment necessary to sit down with one of our wonderful designers in person at our showroom, on a Zoom call, or on the phone.  

Happy planking!

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