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This is How You Can Keep Your Cabinets Looking Brand New

Let’s be honest, remodeling is not a fun process, it’s very time consuming and expensive. Once your beautiful new solid wood cabinetry is installed, you want to do everything in your power to keep it looking stunning, and so you don’t have to go through the stress of renovation for a long while. If you want to take care of your cabinetry, follow the tips below.

Use Cabinet Liners

The addition of cabinet liners in your shelves and drawers is a great way to ensure that both your cabinets and all the tools you put in them stay in good condition. The liners work as a protective barrier against scratches or water stains that dishes and silverware can cause on the cabinets. However, according to Polaris Home Design the material used for the cabinet liners can also protect the tools you use; a felt liner I good for high quality silverware, cedar is great for keeping bugs away, and cork is great for glassware.

Keep Your Cabinets Dry

Moisture can break down the wood in your cabinets over time, even if it is just a little bit every once in a while. Do not put away dishes when they are still wet and be careful not to hang damp kitchen towels nearby. Also ensure that if you are using a water-based cleaning product that the cabinet dries quickly and moisture is completely wiped away.

Wax the Exteriors

Using cabinet wax a couple times per year can keep your cabinets looking smooth, shiny, and can help maintain the cabinet’s color. Waxing will also remove dirt and debris from the surface.

Don’t Wait to Clean

Cleaning your cabinetry should be something you do consistently, but if you happen to spill on your cabinetry, especially in the kitchen, clean up the mess as soon as possible. Just like moisture, messes like this can damage the wood and paint over the long term. According to wood haven lumber, you can even use a combination of 5% dishwasher soap and 95% water. Just be sure to completely dry the cabinetry after cleaning.

Limit Chemicals

On the same note, when you do clean your cabinets, be cautious when using cleaners with chemicals in them. Be sure when you use cleaners with harsh chemicals that you double check both the material they are made for and follow all instructions. Just line with other materials, harsh chemicals can damage your cabinetry.

Have a Touch Up Kit on Hand

It seems, however that no matter how hard you may try, scratches and micks are boung to happen over years of use in your home. Your solid wood cabinets will last for a very long time if you take care of them, but when these scratches happen, it is best to have a touch-up kit handy.

Install UV Blocking Shades

Another thing that can damage your cabinetry, especially the color, is the sun. The UV rays emitted from the sun can cause color fading or darkening. If you plan on replacing your window treatments sometime soon, consider installing UV blocking shades, not only will this be healthier for you, but also your cabinetry.

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