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Cool, Sleek Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You Need Now

"According to Remodel Magazine’s annual report of cost versus value remodel projects, the bathroom remodel is one of the top projects that brings a good return on your financial investment. Getting your remodeling expenses back when you sell your home is important, but enjoying a design-forward bathroom is better." - Freshome The most valuable remodel projects have 3 important features to keep in mind when considering a remodel: 1. LOW MAINTENANCE Finishes that are easy to keep clean prolong the life of your remodel by making it look fresh for longer. For example, choosing quartz for a counter top would be a low maintenance option because quartz is non porous and does not require a yearly seal, like marble or granite. 2. ENERGY EFFICIENT In today's world, from a home buyers standpoint to an environmental standpoint, energy efficiency is very important. When considering a bathroom remodel, items such as low flow toilets and faucets & LED lighting may be a finer option for you and the planet! 3. LIGHTNESS & BRIGHTNESS One thing to consider, especially when you have a bathroom on the smaller side, is the brighter the bathroom, the larger it looks. One way to achieve a brighter, "bigger" bathroom is to use light for different purposes. This could include but is not limited to under cabinet lighting, color changing LED lights, and installing windows or skylights. Another way to catch a little more light in the bathroom is to choose finishes and surfaces that are reflective of light. It may not seem like it would have the biggest effect, but believe us, it can make a world of difference!

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