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Design Experts Weigh In on their Favorite Materials

Our designers here at Gainesville Kitchen and Bath are experts in finding a style and finishes that work best for their client. However, after helping so many clients achieve their dream home, they have their favorite pieces that they find look amazing in so many homes.

Our first designer is Lisa, she loves to create beautiful spaces with traditional, transitional, or modern themes. Her work can be characterized as timeless, and she is known for creating beautiful spaces. She has an eye for detail and has a passion to help you reach your design needs. Currently, Lisa is loving Cambria’s new countertop- Berkshire Brass.

"I love this new countertop by Cambria, especially in matte. It is beautiful, timeless, and different from other contemporary countertops which usually use white and gray tones. The bronze veins look amazing with our new brushed bronze plumbing fixtures and emit a softer look compared to gold counterparts. I love it so much I would put this in my own home!" -Lisa Tatum

Next we have Jenna, who specializes in making her customers’ personality evident in her work. She enjoys pops of color and making a space unique to itself and its owners. Jenna’s current favorite is Emser’s Vara Varzo tile.

"I love recommending this tile to my clients. It's so soft and elegant and goes well with any space and style. It can pull both gray and beige making it a perfect middle ground for tying together the rooms in your home." -Jenna Chalfin

Additionally, we have Liz, she strives to design stunning interiors that allow her clients’ homes to be comfortable and functional. She is skilled at creating beautiful designs under a variety of budgets, styles, timeframes, and needs. Liz personally prefers a range of styles and enjoys matching the perfect style to her clients’ homes. Her current favorite is Cambria Montgomery.

"First of all, I love this countertop because it's made by Cambria- so it is American made by a family-owned business, which is amazing. I also love just how soft and versatile it is; I feel like it can be used in any space, but I especially love adding it to bathrooms and laundry rooms. It brings out a soft green color which works really well in those environments, and it’s my favorite color, so that's always a plus! I think my clients love it just as much as I do." -Liz Zocchi

Finally we have Charles, who I has a Bachelors in Fine Arts of Interior Design. Charles wanted to become a designer like his grandfather who was a successful cabinet designer in Salina, Kansas. His design goal for all his clients is to make their spaces more organized and help simplify their everyday lives. Charles really likes Cambria’s Kendal countertop.

"This countertop is definitely at the top of my list because it is just showstopping. The combination of the colors with the flecks of sparkle create a beautiful focal point for any space, but especially a kitchen. I would put this stone in my own home." -Charles Boyd

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