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Design Tips That Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Small bathrooms can be a trick to deal with. No one enjoys the sudden feeling of restriction when they step inside a small bathroom. Yet despite the heartache small baths have caused, there are ways to help! We complied a few of our favorite design tips to help make bathrooms on the petite side feel a little bit bigger and better about themselves! Tile Walls Up To The Ceiling One way to make a small space seem bigger is to make it seem taller. Tiling walls all the way up to the ceiling gives the illusion the walls are higher than they are. Therefore, your once teeny, tiny bathroom will look like it just had a growth spurt! The Brighter, The Bigger Not many have been known to say, "Ah, this poorly lit room looks so big and beautiful!" Quite the contrary, the more light a room has, the bigger it will feel. But don't forget, where the light comes from is just as important. When designing a smaller bath, try to steer away from pendant lighting because "they typically "drop" the ceiling, making the room look even smaller. Wall mount fixtures are usually the best decorative application for a small bathroom." - Idée Chic Designs. So, with the help of a bright light and a decorative wall sconce or two, your small bathroom can transform right before your eyes. Get Creative With Storage Solutions Small spaces call for big storage solutions! If you don't have a lot of room to work with when remodeling your bathroom, you may have to get innovative to find storage. Create some space! Build medicine cabinets, toilet paper, or magazine holders into the wall! Or carve out niches in the walls in place where cabinets and shelves would normally stick out. When you have a precious amount of square footage, every inch counts!

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